BIGMUMBAI Weekly Extra Salary

BIGMUMBAI Weekly Extra Salary

BIGMUMBAI offers a Weekly Extra Salary program for agents who invite members to join the platform. Let’s delve into the details of this rewarding initiative:

BIGMUMBAI Weekly Extra Salary

Salary Structure

Agents can earn weekly salaries based on the number of members they invite:

Total Members Invited WeeklyAgent Weekly Salary

Terms and Conditions

  1. Direct Subordinates: Only directly invited members are counted for the salary calculation.
  2. Membership Restrictions: Individuals with the same IP, bank details, or phone number cannot claim the salary.
  3. Recharge Requirements:
    • The number of second recharged members must be 40% higher than the total number of members who make the first recharge.
    • The number of third recharged members must be 30% higher than the total number of members who make the first recharge.
  4. Illegal Betting: Members engaging in illegal betting activities will not be considered for associated bonuses.
  5. Salary Cycle: Salary calculation operates on a weekly cycle, with payments issued every Monday.

By adhering to these terms and conditions, agents can maximize their earnings through the BIGMUMBAI Weekly Extra Salary program and enjoy lucrative rewards for their efforts in inviting new members to the platform.