Big Mumbai Monthly GOLD Event 2024

Big Mumbai Monthly GOLD Event 2024

Get ready to experience the ultimate in rewards with Big Mumbai’s exclusive GOLD Event for every month! With enticing prizes and thrilling challenges, this event promises to be one for the books. This event is same for every month.

Big Mumbai provides monthly Gold to their agent’s who meets 3 recharge conditions. If a users recharge 3 times a day then that member will be counted under gold award and like that if 100 members complete their 3 recharges in a month then that agent will be rewarded for 10 Gram gold of rupees 50000/-.

Big Mumbai Monthly GOLD Event Conditions

Big Mumbai Monthly GOLD Event Conditions

Event Details:

During the event period from February 1, 2024, to February 29, 2024, participants can earn exciting rewards by meeting specific invite and recharge criteria. Here’s what you need to know:

Invite Requirements:

To qualify for event rewards, agents must invite a certain number of players during the event period:

  • Invite 20 players
  • Invite 30 players
  • Invite 50 players
  • Invite 75 players
  • Invite 100 players
  • Invite 150 players
  • Invite 200 players
  • Invite 400 players
  • Invite 700 players
  • Invite 1000 players

Event Rewards:

Participants who meet the above invite requirements during the event period will be eligible to receive the following rewards:

  • Give away Rs. 5000
  • 2g gold worth Rs. 10,000
  • 5g gold worth Rs. 25,000
  • 7g gold worth Rs. 35,000
  • 10g gold worth Rs. 50,000
  • 16g gold worth Rs. 80,000
  • 25g gold worth Rs. 125,000
  • 50g gold worth Rs. 250,000
  • 75g gold worth Rs. 375,000
  • 100g gold worth Rs. 500,000

Additional Requirements:

In addition to meeting the invite criteria, participants must ensure the following:

  1. Recharge Requirement: New members must recharge at least 3 times during the event period to qualify for rewards.
  2. Active Member Criteria: Active members/subordinates must deposit 3 times and bind their bank cards. The data of the agent’s subordinate members must not have any similarity, whether it is account name, bank account number, IP address, or email address.
  3. Avoid Fraudulent Activity: If the proportion of the agent’s subordinate members who recharge three times exceeds 20% of the total, it will be regarded as fraud to obtain bonuses. Big Mumbai reserves the right to disqualify agents found cheating in any form to obtain bonuses during the event.

Big Mumbai Latest February 2024 Gold Award Winner List

Big Mumbai Latest February 2024 Gold Award Winner List


At the end, don’t miss this golden opportunity to reap rich rewards and elevate your gaming experience with Big Mumbai’s February 2024 GOLD Event. Start inviting players, recharge, and claim your share of the rewards today!

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